Wall Mounted Intelligent Key Management Locker TH-IKL409

Item No.: TH-IKL409
The product is widely used for intelligent key management system such as government, taxi companies, factories and enterprises, Intelligent Building,car parkings, residential areas and so on.

The Wall Mounted Intelligent Key Management Locker TH-IKL409 is a cutting-edge solution for efficient and secure key control in various environments. This locker system offers a compact and wall-mounted design, optimizing space utilization. It employs advanced intelligent technology, integrating with access control systems, biometrics, or RFID for secure key access and management.

Designed for simplicity and convenience, the TH-IKL409 provides a user-friendly interface for easy key retrieval and return. The robust construction ensures durability, and the electronic tracking system enhances accountability by monitoring key usage. Ideal for automotive dealerships, rental agencies, hotels, or any organization managing a fleet of vehicles, the Wall Mounted Intelligent Key Management Locker TH-IKL409 streamlines key handling processes while maintaining a high level of security and organization.

The key management system mainly realizes the intelligent management of keys, assists users in borrowing and returning keys, with fingerprint or facial verification, key RFID recognition, voice prompts, touch screen operation, LCD display and other functions.

Support touch screen operation
Support voice prompt
RFID electronic tag identification technology
Support networking function
Support multiple verification methods such as swiping IC card, password, fingerprint, face recognition, etc.
RFID key identification unit can be 20, 40, 60, up to 1000 above et.

Key manager storage and authorization: Store the keys to lockers in advance, and authorize the employees who need to use the keys.
Borrow the key: Identity verification, select key on touch screen, door opens --- the LED indicator corresponding to the key slot flashes, take the key --- close the box door.
Return the key: Identity verification, the door is opened---the LED indicator corresponding to the key slot flashes, return the key---close the box door.

Application scenarios:
Metro stations, Parking area, Auto 4S shops, Bus station, Troops, Courts, Airports, Banks, Hospitals, Warehouses and other scenes that require keys management

Cabinet Body Size for 90 Keys