Face Controlled Storage Cabinet Locker

Item No.: TH-FCL108
FCL108  is widely used in the public places with high efficiency, standardization and dense consumer groups, such as supermarkets, schools, airports, clubs, natatoriums, gyms, supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping malls, public institutions, etc.
Face Recognition Bag Storage Cabinet
Features and advantages:

Safe and reliable: with face anti-counterfeiting, it must be verified in vivo to eliminate.
face photos and video attacks;
Advanced algorithm: it adopts the international leading artificial intelligence deep learning algorithm technology, with an accuracy of more than 99%;
Ultra high efficiency: the recognition speed only takes 0.3 seconds to realize fast access;
Various modes: support a variety of application modes, such as 1:1, 1: n, n:1, etc. users can choose according to their needs;
Human computer interaction: the 7-inch touch all-in-one machine and voice prompt are more humanized;
Automatic light Replenishment: automatically sense the intensity of ambient light and automatically replenish light to reduce the dependence on ambient light;
Automatic refrigeration: with its own cooling fan, it automatically cools the control board to ensure stable operation
Advertising: support user-defined screensaver, which can play pictures and video advertisements;
Flexible management: administrators can enter the background for various management operations;
Operation records: operation records can be queried locally and in the management background, and the capacity of local records can reach 5000;
Deployment mode: support stand-alone or networked use, support access to third-party management platform, wide application range and flexible use;
Networking mode: support wired, WiFi, 4G module and other networking modes;
Emergency measures: there is an emergency channel, and the cabinet can be opened through the emergency channel even in case of power failure;
Elegant atmosphere: the appearance is atmospheric, high-end fashion and durable;
limited time: the use time period can be set and can only be used within the allowed time period.
Function expansion: expandable IC card / hid card / CPU card / second generation ID card, fingerprint, finger vein, password, QR code, etc