Face Control Mobile Phone Cabinet Locker

Item No.: TH-MKK01
TH-MKK01 is our latest Face Controlled Smart Phone Cabinet Locker.
This product (desktop with small storage capacity and vertical with large storage capacity) is a good solution for people to properly keep their mobile phones in sports, meetings , pools
Optical drive smart phone cabinet is a product developed by our company according to the control needs of large and medium-sized enterprise customers for mobile phones. It adopts advanced structural design, intelligent control system, stable and reliable performance, simple use, convenient management, elegant appearance and high technical content. Using this product can not only greatly save space, ensure the information security of the enterprise, improve the management level of the enterprise, but also improve the overall image of the enterprise.
Product specification
Overall cabinet size: h1720 * w1230 * D450
Single cell size: H23 * W125 * D222
Power supply: ac110 ~ 230V 50Hz
Display screen: 17 inch surface acoustic wave touch display screen
Industrial control host: 2.4G main frequency, 4G memory, 120g hard disk
Working environment: temperature ± 40 , humidity: 45% ~ 70%
Product features
Security and confidentiality: the drawer adopts fully enclosed design and has self-locking function. The switches are controlled by the system,
High utilization rate: ultra-thin drawer shape, small occupied space and great space utilization rate
Reasonable design: the size of the shelf is reasonable, and almost all mobile phones on the market can accommodate it
Beautiful appearance: high quality steel cabinet with plastic spraying treatment on the surface, beautiful, durable, luxurious and generous
Easy to operate: large screen display, whole process voice prompt, friendly man-machine interface
Article detection: with article detection function, there is no need to worry about the loss of articles
Different cabinet reminder: LAN networking deployment and different cabinet reminder greatly facilitating the users to find items
Scientific allocation: a variety of allocation algorithms are freely specified by users, which is more convenient for users to use
Operation records: access records are available to avoid disputes
Scrolling LED screen: user-defined playback content