Cell Phone Charging Locker

Item No.: TH-CPL118
Cell Phone Charging Locker is great for any type of business. This large yet compact locker which can be customized contains 9 up to 100  individual locker bays above as per the customer's demands.
Tianhong cell phone charger and secure locker gives storage space and a free recharge for mobile devices and is perfect in private clubs, gyms, health clubs, sports centers, resorts, clubs, restaurants, medical facilities, airports and more.

 Tianhong Cell Phone Charging Locker is manufactured with heavy duty and high quality certified materials ensuring long lasting shelf life and perfect protection against theft. This product comes complete as a desktop or tabletop model or it can stand alone on the floor.


1 year warranty

Easy to set up: plug & play

Supports Apple devices charging

Supports Android devices charging

Made from the best materials guaranteeing a long use life.
Power outlets and charging cables meet all certified safety requirements.