Super Slim Brushless Servo Motor Speed Gate

Item No.: TH-SG418
Nice looking slim speed gate is designed for  its insatllation  at the entrance of deluxe office buidings for the banks, governments, hospitals, factories, schools, universities etc.

Tianhong Speed Gate Turnstile provides an efficient and reliable way to ensure that only authorized people are allowed to access each area of a building. This is a high-speed gate turnstile that is capable of handling high volume access and abusive conditions.

The super slim brushless servo motor high speed gate turnstile  comes with a standard electric interface that can easily integrate the common 3rd party access control system, such as bar-code scanner, Token coin collector, time & attendance system, card collector, biometrics  systems (fingerprint & face recognition), ESD system and fare collection system, etc. It’s one of the most common security turnstiles.

Technical Parameters

1. Configuration: Mechanism, Housing, Control board, Power supply
2. Power Consumption: Static state: single core 60W; dynamic state: single core 160W.
3. Power Input:AC220V±10%,50HZ
4. Output:DC5V,DC12V,AC24V
5. Drive Mode: DC electric motor 
6. Interface: one Rs 232 interface, two card reader signals (passive), one fire alarm interface.
7. Overall Dimension:1500L x 185W x 1020H (mm)
8. Following Speed:35 people/minute in normal mode, 50 people/minute in fast mode 
9. Service Life: Five millions continuous rotation
10.Operation Direction: Single/bi-directional 
11.Working Environment: Indoor
12.Lane Width:500mm-550mm
13.Opening Angle:90±5°
15.Opening and Closing time: 1 second 
16.Net Weight: Single core 70 KGS/set; double cores 100 KGS/set

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