Semi-Automatic Vertical Tripod Turnstile TT316

Item No.: TH-TT316
Applied to pedestrian passageway and automatic ticket sale and check management such as for government, enterprises and institutions, Intelligent Building, residential areas, scenic area venues, colleges, kindergartens, station, leisure and entertainment

Technical Details of Tripod Turnstile of TT316


All-around Personal Safety Protection

Arm drops down when power is off: Adopting the industry's leading mechanical structure the arm can drop down automatically when the power is off, so as to evacuate people conveniently.

Emergency escape function: Equipped with emergency escape control device, the arm will drop down automatically so as to form an open passageway to evacuate people.

Anti-collision control: When the arm instantaneously encounters an impulse force that is beyond the safety range, it can be pushed away slowly so as to buffer the impact force towards mechanism and the back impact force towards user.

Anti-electric shock: All electric modules are designed to operate under the safety voltage of 24V, and configured with residual current protective device to avoid electric shocks. 


Advanced & Intelligent Tripod Turnstile Core Technology

With the mechanical anti-tailgating design, it can strictly restrict that only one person can pass at a time. The security level is relatively high.

Adopting closed loop feedback control system, it can intelligently monitor the arms’ movement, and sensitively detect the behaviors that threaten the passageway safety, such as illegal hitting, back passing, and give out visual and audible alarms. It can be also linked with other security systems.


Strong & Stable Tripod Turnstile Control Core

Longer Lifespan: The fully automatic mechanism structure takes a leading position in the industry. It is configured with high-quality imported DC brushless motor (mechanism core), it ensures the turnstile a longer lifespan.


Intelligent & Advanced Turnstile Core Technology

With the mechanical anti-tailgating design, it can effectively achieve that only one person can pass at a time. 

With mechanical electronic control lock structure design, tripod turnstile can prevent illegal hitting and back passing.