Tire Killer

Item No.: TH-TK106
SafewaySystem Tire Killer TK106 series are widely used in highway tool station, checkpoints, prisons, airports, government agencies, embassies, military base-station, custom ports, banks, industrial and mining companies, ports, warehouse, parking and all
  1. Application range: Intersection safe protection in main area
  2. Material: A3 Steel
  3. Surface treatment : Paint with reflective strip
  4. IP rate : IP67
  5. Specified color: Black and yellow
  6. Length: 6m max
  7. Width:520mm 
  8. Height: 85mm
  9. Max loading weight: 80T
  10. Spike Height :  150mm
  11. Spike Thickness: 10mm
  12. Drive mode: Electro-mechanical
  13. Working Environment :   -40℃~+70
  14. Control mode :Short range wireless remote control/drive-by-wire
  15. Control distance ≤100M
  16. Remote control distance: within 50M
  17. Traffic light interface
  18. Link control with parking barrier
  19. Material thickness:12mm
  20. The whole plate forming bending, no welding 
Technical Parameter
  • System :220V electric drive
  • Passing pressure:Max 80T container truck
  • Power supply:220(Control voltage 24V
  • System dynamic power (w):180W
  • Rising time:≤1-2S
  • Lowering time:≤1-2S
  • Working Temperature:-35℃~75
  • Storage Environment :-10℃~65
  • Material:A3 steel with anti-rust paint
  • Color: Optional
  • Weight:250kg
  • Casing Spec: Standard casing(Size can be customized