Best Speed Gate Price Speed Gate TH- SG401

Item No.: TH-SG401
The speed gate turnstile is a high-end intelligent swing turnstile gate product, which can fully detect the passing situation of the human body. Its body material is 304 stainless steel which is anti-rust and durable and high resistance.

Tianhong Speed Gate Turnstile provides an efficient and reliable way to ensure that only authorized people are allowed to access each area of a building. This is a high-speed gate turnstile that is capable of handling high volume access and abusive conditions.

The super slim high speed gate turnstile  comes with a standard electric interface that can easily integrate the common 3rd party access control system, such as bar-code scanner, Token coin collector, time & attendance system, card collector, biometrcis systems (fingerprint & face recognition), ESD system and fare collection system, etc. It’s one of the most common security turnstiles.

Tianhong provide both ODM & OEM services as per the customers' demands. 
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 Technical Parameter:
◇ Product Model:  TH-SGB401
◇ Housing material:304SS frame structure
◇ work-craft Processing: Apply with Laser, bend, weld, polish and etc.
◇ Standard Dimension:L1600mm*W130mm*H1000mm
◇Net weight: 80-100KG
◇ Arm length:300mm(adjustable)
◇ Lane Width:650mm(adjustable)
◇ Voltage:AC220±10V,50HZ (notify if you have special requirement)
◇ Motor: 24V/30W Brush-less Motor
◇ LED guider: High brightness traffic status indication (Arrow flashing when passing)
◇ Working environment: Indoor and Outdoor
◇ Suitable Temperature: -20℃ ~ 80℃
◇ Suitable humidity:5%-90%
◇ Emergency measure: Arm drops when power off
◇ Gate opening/closing time:0.5s-2s (adjustable)
◇ Passing speed: 35-45people/minute
◇Communication interface: RS485/TCP/IP