Road Blocker

Item No.: TH6008
Hydraulic roadblock belongs to the equipment that controls the passage of the road vehicles, which is embedded in the ground, which does not affect the normal vehicle movement. When needed, hydraulic power can achieve the lifting in the way of revolving b
1、The system is controlled by PLC, stable and reliable, easy to integrate.
Temperature monitoring and automatic compensation function: the system sets the temperature sensor and monitors the operation of the system.
3Automatic switching function of energy saving work mode: the oil pump motor can automatically shut down after 5 minutes of idling and realize the motor protection function.
4Convenient maintenance: the main engine of the roadblock adopts detachable structure to greatly improve the convenience of installation and maintenance. When the structure fails, or the body is overhauled, the screw can be screwed to remove the cover and operate accordingly.
5The switching process has the function of "opening priority" and giving users additional management guarantee.
6Linkage control function (optional) for road block and traffic light.
7Infrared protection function: single channel equipped with a pair of infrared pair, prevent roadblocks or human mis-operation (optional)
8、Adopt the international leading low pressure hydraulic drive technology, the whole system  security high,
reliable and stable.
9Strong and durable structure, large load bearing load, smooth movement, low noise, fast speed and long life.

10.High security: it can stop 60 tons of vehicles rushing at 80km/h (theoretical calculation)
11.Adopt the international leading low pressure hydraulic drive technology, the whole system security high, reliable and stable. 12、Manual hydraulic system device, accord with fire control requirements.
12.In the case of power failure or malfunction, such as a roadblock in a rising state needs to drop, it can be rise after fall to the horizontal position by manual operation, let the vehicle go through.
13、Automatic hydraulic system device
Remote control device: by means of wireless remote control, it can control roadblocks up and down within 30 meters around the controller (depending on the radio communication environment of the site). 
Manual button device: It can control roadblocks up and down by the manual switch control box in the security room.
14.The following functions can be added according to user requirements :
**Swipe card control: add a card reader, which can automatically control the lift of the road block by swiping the card.

**The barrier gate is connected with the roadblock: the barrier gate(car lug)/access control can realize the barrier gate, the access control and the roadblock linkage.
**Connect to the computer manage system or charging system: It can connect manage system and charge system by computer unified control.