Bi Directional Pass GYM Security Tripod Turnstile TH-TT218

Item No.: TH-TT218
Applied to pedestrian passageway and automatic ticket sale and check management such as for government, enterprises and institutions, Intelligent Building, residential areas, scenic area venues, universities, kindergartens, station, leisure and entertainm

Products Description
Tripod security gate is a three-arm turnstile gate that is used in the location where the controlled entrance and exit of crowds are needed. The tripod security gate runs smoothly and effectively by basic operation, and also prevents illegal in and out. Tripod security turnstile is a type of easy, economical crowd-organizing, and reliable, entrance gate system. Tripod turnstile is a cost-effective turnstile that is suitable for various locations.
Tripod security gate can be combined with smart card, fingerprint, bar code, and other identification system equipment to form an intelligent access control system; It is combined with a computer, access control, attendance, charge management, ticket system, and other software to form an intelligent access control management system, which can realize the functions of access control, attendance, consumption, ticket sales, current restriction and so on.

Technical Parameters
1. The chassis machine spray powder;

2. The box body laser cutting processing;

3. The fine welding, precision grinding process;

4. The surface of black powder;

5. Size: 480 x280x960mm;

6. The unlock time: 0.2 s;

7. The passage speed: 35 people/min or less;

8 channel width: 550 mm or less;

9. The input voltage: 220 v, 50 hz.

10. The driving voltage: 24 v

11. The environment temperature: - 25 ~ + 70;

12. Power: 30 w;

13. Open the signal input: dry contact;