High Quality Service Intelligent Storage Cabinet locker TH-SKL308

Item No.: TH-SKL308
Mainly used in supermarket, shopping mall, gym, hotel, hospital, home, office building , leisure centers, beach, water park,government office, train/bus station,airport, large activities or enterprise office, library, book store,school,community areas etc

Tianhong Intelligent storage cabinet locker is a kind of intelligent locker which is integrated with choices of IC/ID Card, Pin code, Dgital code,Barcode,fingerpint & face ID verification.

Facial recognition smart locker is mainly structured by intelligent control components and facial recognition components to store and pickup packages by biometric recognition tech. It is a self-service storage device that open the door by collecting the user's biometric face data.

The types of smart storage locker are Smart Barcode locker; Self-set PIN code smartlocker; IC card locker; Fingerprint smart locker; Facial recognition smart locker; Smart payment locker(Cash/Coin/Card-swiping) and QR code smart locker.

Upgrade of single-chip storage locker, can connect with WiFi, can add payment system (upto the the local banking prototcol agreement approval ) , can add CCTV, can be integrated with cellphone APP.

Face recognition storage locker is mainly composed of 7-inch color touch screen, binocular camera, high-performance ARM machine and other intelligent control components. It is a self-service storage device based on the user's choice of face brushing or code scanning.


To store items:
The user click the "store" button, and stand in front of the locker---After collect the user's face information, a door will be randomly opened---The user stores their belongings into the box and closes the door.

To retrieve:
The user click the "retrieve" button, and stand in front of the locker---After the verification, the door will be automatically opened---The user retrieves their belongings, closes the door.