QR Scanner Flap Barrier Gate TH-FGB206

Item No.: TH-FGB206
Flap Barrier Gate System is a fast acting entry control barrie
system; bi-directional, with flaps that open into its pedestal.
Its solid defence structure is built for high frequency usage and heavy traffic flow.

Mobile turnstile flap barrier gate is a pedestrian barrier installed in conjunction with any access control system that provides invaluable help to security personnel at any monitored entrance. Flap Barrier access control systems present effective means for pedestrian circulation control at entrances of high-class communities, intelligent buildings, lodges, subway stations, and different high-level venues.

Mobile turnstile is a kind of pedestrian turnstile gate, which can rely on the mobile phone NFC linkage to the turnstile gate to realize some access control management functions. The turnstile gate is combined with the corresponding NFC system and NFC card reader to form a mobile turnstile. The pedestrian turnstile gate links the mobile phone NFC function to realize the door opening and passage by scanning the mobile phone, the attendance function of employees after swiping the card, and the function of swiping the mobile phone consumption.

Technical Parameters

1.  Size: 1200 * 280 * 980 mm (can be customized)

2. Lane width: 550 mm (can be customized)

3. Passing speed: 40 person/min

4. Power supply: 110 V/220 V 50/60 Hz

5. Driving Motor: 20 W

6. Gate Open Signal: Dry Contact/ Relay

7. Driving Motor: DC24V

8. Flap barrier door Weight: 70 kg/pcs

9. Reliability of the mechanism: 3 million, no-fault

10. Casing Material: 304 stainless steel