Face Recogniontion Controlled Flap Barrier Gate

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Author : Tony
Update time : 2021-05-28 15:12:48
                                                  The Main Future of Face Recognition Controlled Turnstile

◊ This product is a special type of face temperature rapid detection products, can replace the traditional market thermometer.

◊ Equipping with intelligent speed gate ,tripod turnstile, flap turnstile, swing barrier & full height turnstile. It is finely processed with complete functions and high-security level, suitable for high-level neighborhoods, commercial buildings, and so on.
◊ Our pedestrian barrier Gates can provide a level of security to meet any challenging requirements, including anti-pinch, time attendance, or passing management, etc. The complete stainless steel construction is suited for interior or exterior applications.
Security Features
◊ Fast recognition
◊ Support photosensitive sensor infrared and led fill light.
◊ Support serial port driver, Wiegand 26 / 34 bit output.
◊ Dynamic face detection and tracking based on a video stream.
◊ Dynamic face detection and tracking based on a video stream.

Nowadays, we have been producing and exporting more than 1000 sets of various turnstiles of full height turnstile#swing gate#speed gate#tripod turnstile#flap barrier gate#one arm drop turnstiles which were installed with the human body temperature detector for more more 68 overseas customers. All  of them are operating excellent and effectively preventing the widespread of  Novel coronavirus in the world.