Intelligent Key Locker TH-KML508 (54keys)

Item No.: TH-KML508
Use for intelligent key management system such as government, taxi companies, factories and enterprises, Intelligent Building,car parkings, residential areas and so on.

Product features

u Comprehensive improve many problems of key management, do all unattended management of key, complete subvert the traditional key management concepts and methods,  lead the new concept of key management, and provide a reliable, efficient, scientific, handy electronic management tool for you

u Real-time know the usage of the key and where it has gone

u Lock the keys into the key ring inside the key cabinet, lock the key ring by electronic locker, protected by the electronic cabinet door locker. Without a legitimate user login, no one can use the key; after locked by electronic locker, unless the violence, otherwise you cannot replace the key randomly; each key ring can hang several keys according to your need

u Comprehensive recording key user identity, borrowed and return time, overtime information and all events. The use of key state real-time online display function, through the background management machine can be used in real-time understanding of all keys, including the user, use time, approval and other information. Records stored in the machine or via the Ethernet transmission to the server

u With reliable safety protective measures

u The whole system is smooth, of low noise and good stability

u Unified management with other system

u Network management, central control. Real-time monitor the usage of key cabinet

u Multi-level authorization management, scalable and grouping management

u Warning function when non normal reading card

u The door state warning function, to ensure the customer's financial security

u Exquisite material: Cabinet body part adopts 0.8mm high quality cold-rolled steel plate while the door part adopts 1.0mm. The surface is processed by pickling phosphating electrostatic spray, to ensure  it is not easy to rust, but durable, beautiful and generous during the long-term use

u After power off, available to get the key. In case of accident or other reasons to make the power off, the system information data can be stored for a long time, more than 10 years without lose, the user can get the keys by the

administrator opening the gates by force

u Multiple response modes to choose: (1) centre control mode (2) effective card mode. High speed: you only need to out you effective card on the reader to scan, it is fast, convenient and of high recognition rate, fast and accurate recognition rate can reach 100%. Compared with manually inputting the password, it is much more efficiency, 1 second to take out the keys, thus greatly saving the password input box extract time

u The man-machine interactive: large screen liquid crystal display user interface by using a

dot matrix backlight, easy to use for user and administrator, the LCD screen can display the key state, time, operation steps tips and other information

u High safety program: program using IC / ID card as the extract vouchers, enhances the security certificate

u Communication protocolTCP / IP

Cabinet Body Size for 30 Keys & 54 Keys

Standard Wooden Case for Export