Flap Barrier Turnstile with Face Recognition

Item No.: TH-FGB218face
This new flap barrier turnstile is controlled with our latest biometric face recognition technolgy, RFID IC card and remote controller. It creats an excellent conveniences for both the passengers and access control department with much high efficiency.

** SUS stainless steel body, Steel cut by laser;                                                   ** The least welding portion polished properly;                                                   ** Original finish kept;                  
**Infrared EKS protection; Trespassing infrared alarm;                                 **Retrograde alarm  after reading card ;   


2.Unlock time: 0.2s ;                           
3.Pass rate: 35 person/min;
4.Pass width:≤550mm; 
5.Input :  100V~240V;
6.Motor voltage: 24v;
7.Environment: -25~+70;                
8.Power consumption:150w;