Flap Barrier Gate TH-SGB205

Item No.: TH-FGB205
Flap Barrier Gate System is a fast acting entry control barrie
system; bi-directional, with flaps that open into its pedestal.
Its solid defence structure is built for high frequency usage and heavy traffic flow.

** SUS stainless steel body, Steel cut by laser;                                                  ** The least welding portion polished properly;                                                  ** Original finish kept;                 

**Infrared EKS protection; Trespassing infrared alarm;                                **Retrograde alarm  after reading card ; 


2.Unlock time: 0.2s ;                         

3.Pass rate: 35 person/min;

4.Pass width:≤550mm;

5.Input :  100V~240V;

6.Motor voltage: 24v;

7.Environment: -25~+70;               

8.Power consumption:150w;